2021 Innovation Award winner

Extruded aluminum housing, stainless steel internal roller shafts and lifts. 4″ marine grade actuator. Non marking marine grade Wobble wheels. Carpeted surface. Powder coat finish. Wireless remote.

Innovative Group, Inc. is proud to introduce a revolutionary invention to the boat trailering industry. ROLLER BUNK combines the best qualities of roller and bunk trailers to make a Hybrid system. The need for this product is twofold: the difficulty and frustration of launching and loading your boat, plus new laws prohibiting power loading.


Here’s the problem. Roller trailers damage and distort the hull of boats during transportation and storage, outweighing the benefit of easy loading and launching. Bunk trailers evenly distribute the weight of a boat, but make it difficult to launch and load.

Here’s the solution. ROLLER BUNK has the unique combination of both strengths. Rollers rise out of the bunk hydraulically and uniformly distribute the weight of your boat, with the benefit of the bunk, during transportation and storage. All the difficulties of loading and launching are virtually eliminated.